To access any of our live streamed events, please click on the following link: https://www.bethebeast.com/events

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BeTheBeast is solely responsible for the live streaming, film products and roster data associated with this event. 

All other inquires related to specific tournament related operations, please contact the tournament operator directly.

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Listed below are requirements/best practices to view the streams on BeTheBeast platform: 

1. iPhone and iPad – please use the most recent version of the BeTheBeast iOS app 

(https://apps.apple.com/us/app/btb-event-live/id1497983559 )

2. Windows - please use the most version of Google Chrome as other browsers are not compatible.


3. Mac - please use the most recent version of Safari.

4. Android - please use the web-based version of our app 


5. Please ensure that, whichever of these devices you're using, it's up to date with the latest software releases. Anything below iOS 14, OS X 11, Android 8 (Oreo), Apple TV 4K, or Windows 8 may not work as intended.

6. Please restart your device fully by shutting it down and turning it back on.

7. Please disable any Ad-Block or pop-up blockers on your browser.

8. Please disconnect from any public or work wi-fi networks.

9. If you're using a mobile device on wi-fi, please ensure you're close enough to the access point.

10. If you're using your home wi-fi, please ensure your bandwidth isn't being used by other devices connected to it.

11. If you're using your home wi-fi, please reboot your modem and router.

12. If all else fails, please contact your internet/mobile provider to ensure there are no issues with your connection.

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Problem Logging In? Check if you're using the same email you purchased with. Errors often occur due to a mismatch.

Find Your Receipt: Your purchase receipt, sent to your email, confirms the correct email address.

Still Can't Access? Contact us with the Order Reference Number from your receipt.

No Receipt? You might have entered an incorrect email. Email us at support@bethebeast.com with your name and the tournament's name for assistance.

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In order to make a purchase outside of the United States, you can ​​select the "Non-US/International" option on the Buy Page and can select the country that you are in. 

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Event Live+ gives you access to all streamed games at that specific tournament: live-streamed and on-demand for 90 days after purchase. 

Event Live+ serves as your live streaming hub for this event. When you buy an event,

you will be able to access the live stream as well as on-demand once the event has ended.

On-demand viewing of this specific event purchased remains available for 90 days. 

​If you haven't already, you can purchase access or  follow along with the events we will be streaming here - https://www.bethebeast.com/events#

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BeTheBeast does not operate on a subscription-based model. Access to each event is sold separately and viewable on EventLive+. 

EventLive+ serves as your live streaming hub. Any event that you purchase will live there. When you buy an event,

you will be able to access the live stream as well as on-demand once the event has ended.

On-demand viewing of this specific event purchased remains available for 90 days.

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Event Live+ is sold as an individual log-in for a single user. You can share your credentials and watch on different devices, but only one device can be logged in at a time.

To switch to watching on another device please follow these steps: 

1. In your mobile app, locate the circle in the top right corner with your username initial 

2. Tap on the circle and then Log Out

3. Go to your device of choice and pull up a browser

4. Sign in here - https://eventlive.bethebeast.com/login using your email and password

5. Enjoy the streams! 

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Our app BTB Event Live is currently available in the Apple App Store for IOS devices and Google Play Store for Android devices. You can also access our web app version of Event Live, which is compatible with all devices.


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Need to reset your password? Follow the link below:

For Event Live (Live Stream): Reset Password

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All Streamed games are available to watch on-demand for 3 months from the end of the event and is included in your EventLive+ purchase. 

*(NOTE) Game films do take a few hours to process after completing. Once processed you will see this game available following the steps below. 

To watch a game on-demand, locate the game in the app then hit the "Watch" button this will trigger the

on-demand broadcast. 

Click on one of the blue time slots that best reflect your game time and the game will start for on-demand viewing. If the game started earlier or later you can click through the different time slots to locate. 


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EventLive+ (live streaming and on demand viewing) and downloadable game film purchases are two separate products. 

Please see Video Products FAQ on how to purchase.

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Recruiter+ is BeTheBeast system for recruiting college coaches to obtain roster data, schedules and game film from that specific event.

Each coaches packet purchase includes the BeTheBeast Recruiter+ virtual coaches packet (online rosters, schedules, video) as well as admission to the event and a hard copy if provided by the tournament operator.

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Recruiter+ is sold as an individual log-in for a single user per event. You are able to watch on different devices, but only one device or app can be logged in at a time.

We recommend that you select the "Remember Me" box when signing in to ensure that

you will stay logged in while watching or viewing schedules. 

Please remember to sign out when you are done or if you want to switch devices as users can only 
be signed in once per account. This would include going from the Recruiter app to an internet browser. 

To sign out click on the circle in the top left corner and select Logout

You can always sign back in here - https://recruiter.bethebeast.com/login

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Our app BTB Recruiter is currently available in the Apple App Store.

Our development team is still developing the app that will be available on Android devices on the Google Play Store when completed. 


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Recruiter+ Login Issues
Contact us directly at Support@BeTheBeast.com and we will be happy to assist!
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By checking in to a BeTheBeast event, your athletes can unlock unparalleled access to all the action, dramatically increasing their exposure to College Coaches through our event scouting app. 

Through BeTheBeast, you can: 

  • Access schedules, team rosters, and player bios
  • View the list of college coaches in attendance or watching from home
  • Know which schools are following your athletes on our college coaches' event scouting app
  • Follow your athletes and be notified of all upcoming game times
  • Live game streaming / on-demand broadcasts
  • Full game film purchases
  • Individual player clips
  • Professional highlight videos


Even if your athlete is not at recruiting age, you can create a free profile to house and showcase their growth, development and accomplishments. 

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Each athlete profile within our system must have a unique email address.

This ensures that the correct athlete's information is accurately linked to each event they participate in.

In cases of siblings or multiple athletes under one guardian, separate email addresses are necessary to maintain distinct and individual accounts.

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Trouble Logging In? Please ensure you're using the correct athlete email. Often, there may confusion between athlete and parent emails.

Profile Issues After Login? Missing tournaments? Profile updates not reflecting? This usually indicates multiple profiles exist.

Solution: Contact us at support@bethebeast.com so we can merge the multiple profiles into one. Include the Athlete's Name and the preferred email for the profile.

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Need to reset your password? Follow the link below:

For BeTheBeast Athlete Profile: Reset Password

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Here's an overview of our video products:


Full Games

All of the games we stream are available for purchase so you can download, share, and edit. The 

more games you buy, the more money you save per game. 


Here is our pricing for game film:

1 stand-alone film $74

2 stand-alone films $56 or $112

3 stand-alone films $45 or $135

4 or more stand-alone films $37


Highlight Video ($200)

Our production crew will put together a professional highlight video of the athlete. Sound, graphics

and the best plays help showcase their best moments from the event. 


Player Clips ($125)

We will clip every single play that the player was involved in, no matter what the outcome.

This is often used for game evaluation or for those who want to make their own highlight video.

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EventLive+ offers live streaming and on-demand viewing features.

However, it's important to note that downloadable game film purchases are a separate product from the EventLive+ service. EventLive+ primarily provides the convenience of watching games live or on-demand, but not the capability to download them directly.

To download games, you would need to purchase the game film separately. 

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There are two different orders in our system: Athlete Tournament Clips and Highlight Video. 

Athlete Tournament Clips:
Purpose: Ideal for those who want raw, unedited footage of all the statistical plays made by the player during the tournament.
Content: Includes all shot attempts and plays, precisely cut from the tournament footage.
Uses: Perfect for creating your own highlight tapes, skill development, or presenting raw footage to coaches.

Highlight Video:
Enhanced Production:
Features a professionally edited mix of the player's best plays.
Professional Touch: Incorporates graphics, music, and a curated selection of top plays, reviewed by our team of former college coaches and players.
Showcase Ready: Designed to highlight an athlete's skills in a polished, visually appealing format.
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To order game film, highlight video or player clips, please log into your EventLive account and make sure you are linked to your athlete. 


Click on the banner as shown below:


This will take you to our Recruiting House page where you can order game film, highlight tape or player clips from your athletes event.

Choose the option you are interested in purchasing.

This will directly take you to your athlete's profile which will allow you to get their specific games/highlights or athlete clips from clicking “Buy BTB Video Products” orange button shown below. 

You will then be able to access all available game film or purchase the full highlights/ athlete clips from this event!

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Purchased game film is automatically uploaded onto your player's profile. 

*(NOTE) Game films do take a few hours to process after ordering. Once processed you will see this game available on your profile. 

To download and/or share the film, please first log in to your player's profile.


​​Select "Videos" from the view tab on the top left, then select the blue "download" arrow on your preferred video. ​



This will open the video in a browser window. From here you can either copy the URL at the top of the page and share it (The video will play for anyone who selects the link and has internet access) or download the video by right-clicking anywhere on the video and then select "Save Video As/Download Video" 




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We'd love to connect! Please email us at support@bethebeast.com with the details below:

Company Name: Your organization's official name.
Sport: The type of sport your events focus on.
Event Location: Where do your events primarily take place? (e.g., common venue(s), region/state).
Team Participation: The usual number of teams participating in your events.

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