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BeTheBeast Partners with Alumni Pro's Global Sports to Provide Student Athletes with Opportunities to Monetize Intellectual PropertyLOS ANGELES, December 10, 2020

BeTheBeast Inc., the leading youth sports aggregator and creator of college sports recruiting content, is pleased to announce its partnership with Alumni Pro's Global Sports Inc., a company that delivers monetization, optimization, and fair distribution of profits relating to intellectual property rights for professional and non-professional athletes.

BeTheBeast's recruiting profiles have become the industry standard platform for high school athletes to share their sports content, such as highlight videos and game recordings, with college coaches. Through this partnership, BeTheBeast is able to extend its relationship with its student-athletes by repurposing its content platform to enable a new, high-value college application.

"Once we targeted 'Player Endorsement Income' as our application, it became apparent that we needed to partner with the industry's leader in sports intellectual property and there was only one clear choice—Alumni Pro's,” said Shane Mahoney, CEO of BeTheBeast. "Together, we can address the recent NCAA changes allowing college athletes to profit from their IP. BeTheBeast will bring the prerequisite technology infrastructure while Alumni Pro's will provide the extensive domain knowledge to immediately create an industry solution for scholastic athletes who need to secure endorsement deals at the collegiate level."

"Aligning ourselves with BeTheBeast made tremendous sense for us," said Jerome Williams, Founder and Chairman of Alumni Pro's. "Alumni Pro's business model is to start the education process and establish the necessary discipline to begin building value in a player's intellectual property from their participation at the youth level. We were seeking a partner that was established within the youth sports events community and provided a content platform that included both player profiles and the streaming and recording of video."

The first joint venture from the partnership is a high-end 'live period' basketball event, offering seminars on player brand building and discussing approved NCAA legislation for college players to receive compensation for endorsement deals beginning in 2021.

For more information on BeTheBeast, please visit www.bethebeast.com
For more information on Alumni Pro's, please visit www.alumniprosglobalsports.com

About BeTheBeast
BeTheBeast is an event recruiting, data and media company that provides profile-based applications which stream/record athletic events for use in conjunction with their commercially available monetization platforms.

About Alumni Pro's Global Sports Inc.
Alumni Pro's Global Sports Inc. partners with former and current NBA, NCAA, and youth basketball players to strengthen their personal intellectual property values in the global sports economy. Through the company, athletes can leverage and control their name and likeness for merchandise, trading cards, video games, and event appearances, benefitting both the individual player and the sport overall. Based in Henderson, Nev., Alumni Pro’s was founded by retired NBA power forward Jerome Williams, and accomplished investor and fund manager Robert Smith. To learn more, visit www.alumniprosglobalsports.com

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