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BeTheBeast understands the pressures and demands associated with implementing a consistently successful college recruiting program. Finding great players that fit your culture is the key. Our goal is to be your trusted source for identifying players that fit your program, accurately providing their information to you and managing the recruitment process through our digital profile platform. All aspiring recruits that use our fee-based recruiting solutions have been college level rated by our staff of former college coaches. This is our assurance that we are only sending you qualified candidates.

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BeTheBeast's Recruiting Services solutions provide you with a steady stream of qualified recruits. Player information is sent to you by our staff of former college coaches that have walked in your shoes and know that you do not have time to waste. With this in mind, we have created a standardized intro email format that provides an encapsulated summary of the player right in the body of the email, including the highlight video. With 1 click you can let us know whether you are interested.

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