"Youth sports technology needs to be built with you in mind. What you do, how you do it and when it is done. Connecting youth sports and providing innovative profile driven applications is what we do at BeTheBeast"Mike Mahoney, BeTheBeast Founder

BeTheBeast is the leader in providing innovative profile centric apllications to support the ecosystem of youth sports.

The Company's free profile platform is at the core of the Company's technology infrastruce. It enables players to digitally manage their player information and chronicle their athletic accomplishments required to participate, be evaluated, to share & maintan sports memories.

BeTheBeast's "game changing" integrated application platforms support the recruiting requirements of players. parents, college coaches, club organizations and high school athletic departments.

The Company offers analytically driven recruiting services offerings for players & parents that increases the probability of securing a college roster spot,an integrated solution for event operators that increases recruiting activity & improves the tournament viewing experience, a comprehensive event scouting & recruit management platform (CRM) for college coaches that supports their recruiting process and advanced applications for the coaches of Club & High School teams that serves as a digital sports guidance counselor to assist their players.